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22.10.2020 By Dinris

Samsung tv not working with smartthings

If you look at your smart things app, you can see why you can not turn on the device by voice. After about 5 minutes of your TV being off…everything shuts off. This includes the usb ports and most importantly…the internet.

The firetv and chromecast options work as well as some other devices that use voice control and hook up with cec in the hdmi port. I dont believe there is any way to change this in any setting that I have found, but hopefully this is a starting point for people.

Also, I have one Samsung TV plugged into the mains, and ethernet only. Turning off is the main thing for me. However I can still turn it off via my echo dot.

I have a google chromecast connected to the TV, and while I know a Google Home mini device could connect to that to turn the TV on, is there a possibility the Amazon Echo Dot can do the same? The only conclusion that I can think of is that in standby mode it turns off the wired connection port so no Internet access when on standby. Same problem here.

In troubleshooting I did a continuous ping to the TV after turning it off, and after a few seconds the ping starts to time out. So it definitely seems as if when it goes to standby mode the Wifi component is shut down.

samsung tv not working with smartthings

Mine is connected to Wifi. Anyone tried this? This is complete and utter crap. Clearly, we all bought smart tvs because we want to create a smart home.

Google Home Hub and Alexa are the platforms of choice. How do we get Samsung to fix this? I have the same issue. I had my CEC on, firmware the most recent version, my internet connection is fine connected by LAN and my other devices are online. I tried calling Samsung and got India.

Even though their English and connection was poor I still entertained the whole scripted process. I spend over an hour doing a factory restore on my SmartThings hub, phone and tv with no solution.Go to Solution.

After its connected though, you can use either app to manage it. View solution in original post. The github page says it's only compatible with the classic app. Look at you app icon. It should be a circle.

If your up to date, there's not much more I can tell you without knowing about your network. Is the multipurpose connected and gives updates in the devices list? If so, is the MyQ within 10 to 15 feet of the multipurpose? If the multipurpose isnt in your device list, delete, and try add it again.

Samsung TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

If it wont, it's probably too far away. Z-Wave band is short, But the beauty of zwave is it creates a mesh to help connectivity of everything connected. If you get either connected, the other will help stabilize the other.

How to control Samsung smart TV with your phone / galaxy watch using SmartThings

I moved a lot of my devices back to the V2 app to regain usefullness of them. Here is the link for Overhead I contacted them and their response was to contact Samsung Does anyone know if SmartThings Hub is compatible with Overhead garage door openers?

It seems that Samsung doesn't have many options for garage door openers. I have switched to a Samsung Hub for a Clarecontrols hub so I can be in total control of my hub. However my Overhead garage door opener did work with Clare. So far, no luck incorporating it with Samsung SmartThings.

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SmartThings works with a wide range of connected devices.

Accepted Solutions. TheDaniel Comet. I don't generally go back to posts I have replied to unless I get pointed there. Reply Loading Anonymous Not applicable. It will connect. It is compatible.Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more!

The Future changes shape! Meet the new Samsung smartphone! Initially ambient mode worked, but now I cannot select pictures on my iPhone when using Samsung's app "Smart things". Control works and even settings for ambient mode, but when I click to "Select photos" I just get a spinner and am unable to see any photos.

I have already reset the TV fully, signed in and out of my Samsung account on both devices, deleted the account and created a new one, and tried connecting from another iOS device. Follow the issue with the ambient mode, I also had an issue where I could not access the App store on the TV just a spinnerbut that resolved following that I created a new Samsung account. Please help. Issue remains unresolved - SmartThings still does not pull my pictures on my IPhone.

The ICon circle shows the task is running but nothing happens, I. Is anyone at Samsung troubleshooting this issue or can Samsung at least let me know if it is investigating this issue? Issue persists and I have not received one communication from Samsung that suggests it is working on this.

Have tried logging a ticket with Samsung but it appears to get ignored. It is shocking that Samsung are almost intentionally ignoring the problem being highlighted. Can view and tap the blue button that should allow me to set the background picture, but nothing happens. Apparently, according to Samsung's tech support specialized in SmartThings app, the app works well only on Samsung's phones Galaxy I called their tech support twice and didn't get any measingful helps from them.

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Can't select photos for ambient mode. BoatMarkus Observer.

samsung tv not working with smartthings

Any ideas on what I should do in order to make this work? Labels: Televisions. Tags: Ambient mode. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. GatorPhil Apprentice.At least in the US. SmartThings support guy said: We are two different companies.

We do not support Samsung Smart TVs. Not sure if we ever will. Maybe the developers will get around to it, but no way to know when, if ever. Good luck. Good bye. Maybe your new to the community here? There are many threads concerning the same topic. I assume you may be past the return date, so pretty much SOL, sorry. Actually, I think the problem will apply to any evolving WiFi product i. I believe the code is written for specific model numbers and when the year changes over even if the API is the samethe new model numbers no longer work.

This is bad for users; however, from the perspective of SmartThings, they have to be sure it will work prior to providing to users. Otherwise, they will have a significant of tickets to address. It will be an on-going problem and trade-off by the developer as connected products evolve - especially the wild-west API paradigm in the WiFi community.

And with so many smart-home controller contenders, it will not get better, just worse. NEVER buy based on future promise. What in the blazes is Samsung doing? Contacted them months ago about their smart TV not working with their SmartThings. Time to switch brands!! Never heard of it, call them. RightHand August 29,pm 2. Gutheinz Dave Gutheinz August 29,pm 4. It depends on where one lives. Now ya see, here in America we call that over-regulation.

I am able to add a version to ST but the commands do not work…. November 2,pm Today my KS stopped working with Smartthings, my suspicion is that recently an update was pushed to the TV However, once I removed it, the app discovery can no longer find the TV.

Not sure how to decode below message:. My KS dropped off too. I also think the TV software update broke the integration. SmartThings support, or regular Samsung support? As such, I removed the TV from the smartthings app and tried to have smartthings reconnect with the device in hopes that would solve the issue. However, since removing the TV from the app, the app is unable to connect or even identify the TV both manually through the Smartthings Products category or automatically which was not a problem before.

Please let me know if anyone has a solution. I have the KS 65 inch curved version with the current software version. No change on the issue.

samsung tv not working with smartthings

Contact support, it might get a little more traction with more people reporting issues. Seems we should contact Samsung support not smartthings. It was samsung tv update that shut off smartthings integration. I did. I got a deer in the headlights look via an email. Try his what they sent. Not sure if the factory reset will reset the firmware too, Briging back integration with ST. Thank you for contacting Samsung.

With reference to your E-mail, I understand that there is a intermittent signal and ghost image with white pixilation in dark areas on the TV. I appreciate your efforts in isolating the issue. However, I will help you with the few troubleshooting steps to isolate the source of the issue.

samsung tv not working with smartthings

Change the source on your TV to see if the problem occurs on a different source. If the issue persists, change the cables used to connect the TV and the input device and check if that works. HDMI port 1 was empty for over a week. Nothing changed other than moving the cable. I did the full reset, and firmware is still and running the connection tool from the marketplace did not find the TV. Edit: Status this morning - snow in the dark areas when starting, then intermitent connection on HDMI 1.

I moved the cable to HDMI 4 and set up the connection - no issues. Looks to be more of a HDMI port issue if it persist after a reset. I have not observed any of the issue you described after the firmware update.

Same with me. I was unplugging from the control box, that sucked. If that fixes the issue, it was suggested to do a full reset to solve the problem. Not a fun process given how many custom picture settings I have set up. I have done hard reset before, it worked a while few days to weeks but then the negotiation problem comes back again. Connected Things. Please help! SmartThings notifications pushed to Smart TV help needed. Samsung KS connection issues.I replaced 2 TVs recently.

Because I recently purchased a SmartThings hub, I specifically selected models that were advertised as working with SmartThings. Around September 21, they stopped responding to Alexa and the smartthings hub. Same here, I tried unplugging the TV for a while then trying to control it but nothing. When I added it before it recognized and added the TV in less than a min.

My issue seems to have started around that same time also. Support says they are working on it. With more reporting the problem, the more effort they may put into it. Just out of curiosity, what kind of stuff do you do with yours? It was minimal: power, mute, volume, sound and picture mode. It did not have input control or channel control.

Has there been any update from Smartthings on resolution of this issue? FWIW I contacted Samsung support and the representative I spoke with claimed that Samsung does NOT believe that their firmware update is the reason that integration with Smartthings stopped working.

Any thoughts? Just like Samsung support saying my HDMI ports were bad, and then with they have been rock solid. Not sure which arm of Samsung.

I signed up for the beta but never got the banner to begin merging the accounts.

It ended up signing in on the NA04 shard. There was no hub, but there was my KS The interface was a little different, but the power and volume buttons worked. I ended up deleting it to see if the merger would start after removing it. In hind sight I should have left it there. Nothing new from Smartthings regarding resolution. I tried removing and re-adding my TVs to Smartthings, but not smartthings will not even find my TVs when I try to connect. I did email Samsung about the same issue!

Known issue. This helps with a TV-Mode. I have tried to remove it and find it on my normal location to no sucess. Despite writitng Keys down and directly connect with those my regular connection refuse to accept my TV.

I suspect that they are working behind the scenes with the merge of connect and smartthings and some of the artifacts we experience are due to this.

RampageScout Levi October 5,pm 2. JerlLouk Jerl Louk October 26,am Same here. Waiting and hoping there is a fix…. After giving up and resetting my TV it will reappear in by Samsung generated location. All Rights Reserved.First we are going to create an app that will let us turn the tv on through wake-on-lan. Next we are going to create a virtual switch through Smartthings. You will find your IP address on this screen. I highly recommend settings up a static ip address on your router for your tv.

This number may change over time. Select home button on TV remote. Copy down wireless if you are on wifi or wired if your TV is connected to the internet with an ethernet cable. Now we need to setup voice triggers on the Alexa app. Of course, that was a bit more expensive than your workaround. But if you have Harmony, you can use voice commands to start various harmony activities already.

Wow, now i discovered that i can turn TV on with smartThings classic app. I believe you need to purchase chromecast if you want to turn your TV on and off with it. Turning on the TV via the Smartthings app is currently broken.

Samsung messed something up when pushing firmware updates to their TVs. The workaround I created is only for SmartThings. This is a forum dedicated to SmartThings and not other smart hubs. I mean in SmartThings there appear button Turn TV on and when i push that it wrotes, that it cannot connect to TV and i did everything from your instructions. Only thing is that i dod not fill HUB while making virtual switch.

The virtual switch in the workaround I created needs a SmartThings hub to work. This method will not work without a SmartThings hub. I opened smartthings on my phone and went to the automation tab.

But I dont see smartapps anywhere…am I doing something wrong?? Followed all instructions. TV does not turn on. Seems to be the sticking point in this process for me. Anything I can set differently? Utrel Tomas Durkech June 23,pm 4. Do I need smart things HUB? I am doing something bad, i got mu model and this is not working. Utrel Tomas Durkech June 23,pm 5.